Have you always been plagued by excessive under are sweating? Does your shirts or blouses always have an unpleasant odor about them? Are you spending large amounts of money on deodorants ? Is your daily life being affected by your excess sweating? Then you must be suffering from Hyperhydrosis!

Hyperhydrosis is a realitively comom disorder that affects both men and women. It also can run in families with father son, mother and daughter having the problem. Many people have to wear multiple shirts. Often they have to bring a second change of clothes to work. Sometimes they have to take several showers per day. Suffers of this disorder often lead very secretive lives. They avoid certain social situations just because of excessive sweating. This sweating can occur at any time and during any activity.

In the past there were limited solutions to this problem. Most people simply altered their life styles to accomodate the disorder. Some resorted to complex surgical procedures which entailed cut nerves in their neck to stop the swaeting. More recently Botox was injected into the arm pits to solve the problem, however Botox is very expensive and lasts only a few months. There are patients who come in for Botox injections before big social events like wedding and parties to prevent sweating.

Now there is a new procedure that offers a permanent cure for under arm sweating. Vaser ultrasonic technique is a new technology that is now used to successfully treat this condition. Simlpy put, sound waves are sent via a small probe under the arm pit skin which kills the sweat glands. There is minmal pain and down time from surgery. healing is less than week. Sweating ceases in a couple of days.

Hyperhidrosis affects hundreds of thousands of people who are not aware of this new solution for an old problem.