Breast Augmentation is performed to enhance breast size for women who feel their breasts are disproportionately small for their figures, have decreased in size as they have gotten older due to changes in weight or pregnancy and nursing, or to correct a severe breast asymmetry. Breast Augmentation is arguably the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the Untied States today. In some cases the breast augmentation procedure is performed on its own, but in other cases it may be paired with other procedures such as a breast lift to both lift the breasts to a more youthful positioning as well as increase their size.

The breast augmentation procedure is customized by a number of factors and there are many decisions to make in your journey. The most important decision you will make, however, is deciding who will be performing the procedure. The first step in any cosmetic surgery process is scheduling a consultation—during your consultation Dr. Hicks will ask you about everything from your medical history to your concerns and goals to help determine the best procedure plan for you. Ready to discuss your options? Contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation today.