Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment to reduce common signs of aging such as lines and creases caused by repetitive facial movement. All through out our lives we are constantly expressing ourselves through facial expressions and these expression leave lines and creases in the face that not only can make us look older than we are or wish to be perceived as, but can make us look more run down and worn out than we feel. The Botox treatment takes just minutes to administer, is virtually painless and requires no recovery period afterwards. Both men and women use Botox to achieve a natural looking facial rejuvenation and because it takes just minutes to administer it is easily scheduled into a busy life.

Botox may be performed in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as Dermal Fillers, which are also administered by injection but unlike Botox, Dermal Fillers address areas of the face that are showing signs of aging due to a loss of volume. If you aren’t sure the best method for achieving your aesthetic goals, the first step is to schedule a consultation. During your consultation with Dr. Hicks you will discuss your goals and concerns to create the best plan for achieving your unique goals.