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  1. How long does the surgery itself take?A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia and takes anywhere from one and a half to three and a half hours.
  2. Will a breast lift prevent me from breast feeding?No. However, if you plan to become pregnant in the future you should consider postponing your breast lift. A few women experience a lack of sensation in the nipples which interferes with the milk let-down reflex. In nearly all women pregnancy and nursing will reverse the results of a breast lift.
  3. Does a breast lift leave scars?
    Yes. Dr. Hicks will make every effort to minimize visible scars, but you should be aware that a breast lift leaves more visible scarring than other procedures such as breast augmentation. The scars will be primarily on the lower half of the breast, so cleavage should not be affected.
  4. How will a breast lift affect the size of my breasts?
    A breast lift will not add tissue, but can make your breasts appear larger. When breasts stretch and sag, the breast tissue can become spread out creating a flatter breast. Bringing this tissue together into a more desirable location creates more projection of the breast.
  5. Are the results permanent?
    The results are long lasting and most women do not require another lift procedure later in life. Significant events such as pregnancy and drastic weight change can reverse the effects. And a breast lift cannot stop the effects of gravity entirely.
  6. How long is the recovery period?
    Most women do not return to work for one to two weeks. Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least four weeks.
  7. Is a breast lift painful?
    You will experience some pain for the first day or two, but it should not be severe. Dr. Hicks will prescribe pain medication to minimize any discomfort.

If you still have questions about breast lift surgery in Beverly Hills, Long Beach, or Los Angeles, California, view our Before and After Gallery, and contact us today for your initial consultation.

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