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Complications from breast augmentation are very rare, but all surgery carries some risk.

Capsular contracture

The most common complication associated with breast augmentation is capsular contracture. Your body will naturally surround the implant with a capsule, and in most people this does not cause a problem. In a few people this capsule will tighten around the implant causing the breast to feel hard and sometimes causing pain. Treatments for capsular contracture include scoring or removing the capsule or replacing the implant.

Excessive bleeding

All surgery carries the risk of excessive bleeding, which can cause swelling and pain, and in some cases may require a subsequent operation to stop the bleeding and remove accumulated blood. Avoiding substances such as alcohol and aspirin for an appropriate amount of time prior to surgery will help to prevent excessive bleeding. Dr. Hicks will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare for your surgery including information on substances to avoid and for how long.


A small percentage of breast augmentation patients develop an infection around the implant. This normally becomes apparent within a week after surgery. In cases of severe infection, the implant may have to be temporarily removed.

Loss of sensation

A few women experience loss of sensation or numbness in the nipples or the area near the incision for a short time after the surgery. Most people regain their normal sensitivity over time.

Implant rupture

Trauma to the breast and sometimes normal daily activities can cause the shell to rupture or leak. When saline filled implants rupture or leak, it’s noticeable within a few hours. The implant will deflate and the saline is absorbed by the body.

When silicone gel filled implants rupture it may not be noticeable right away. The gel may slowly migrate away from the breast and the ruptured implant must be removed and replaced.

Connective-tissue disorders

Some women have developed symptoms of immune system disorders after receiving silicone filled breast implants. Research has not found any link between the implants and the symptoms.

Change in mammogram procedure

Breast implants will not prevent you from having an accurate mammogram, but they will change the way the mammogram is performed. Multiple views may be required to see all of the tissue, and special care must be taken not to squeeze the breast too hard.

Most breast augmentation patients do not experience complications. Dr. Hicks will explain all these risks to you in detail and explain the steps you can take to minimize them.

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