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Commonly Asked Breast Augmentation Questions

  1. How long does the surgery itself take?
    Each case is unique, but normally the procedure lasts one to two hours.
  2. Will I still be able to have a mammogram after breast augmentation surgery?
    Yes. Breast implants do affect mammograms and you should find a place where they have experience performing mammograms on women with implants, to ensure safety and accurate results. Mammograms with implants typically involve taking multiple views in order to see all of the tissue, as well as taking special care not to squeeze the breast too hard.
  3. Will breast augmentation prevent me from breast feeding?
    No. breast augmentation should not affect your ability to breast feed. In a few rare cases, the surgery may cause numbness in the nipples which inhibits the milk let-down reflex. This is more common in patients who choose to have the incision in the areola.
  4. Does breast augmentation leave scars?
    All surgery leaves some amount of scarring. Incision placement will have a significant impact on the visibility of any scars from breast augmentation. Endoscopic procedures, making the incision in the areola or in the crease under the breast all hide the scars in different ways.
  5. Will my breast implants be in front of or behind the muscle?
    This depends on your body type and desired end results, as well as personal preference. Implants placed behind the muscle are less likely to cause hardening, and often give a more natural look and feel. Implants placed in front of the muscle create a well defined cleavage and are more appropriate for sagging breasts. There are many factors involved in choosing where to place your implants, and Dr. Hicks will discus all of them with you when helping you choose which placement is best for your body.
  6. Are the results permanent?
    Yes. In a few rare cases, usually when breast augmentation is performed early in life, you may need to replace the implants many years later.
  7. How long is the recovery period?
    Most people can return to work and light activities in just a few days. Full recovery can take four to six weeks.
  8. Is breast augmentation painful?
    Most patients require mild to moderate strength pain medication for several days after surgery. The amount of increase in breast size will make a difference in the level of pain involved. A dramatic increase in breast size will create more pressure and discomfort.

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