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If you’re considering breast augmentation in Los Angeles, it’s vital that you select a Los Angeles breast augmentation surgeon who will advise you of all the facts and listen to your concerns. Women who have made the decision to have breast augmentation in our Long Beach surgery center can count on receiving excellent care, beginning with a thorough explanation of what takes place during the Los Angeles breast augmentation procedure.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to enlarge and improve the shape of a woman’s breasts. An implant is inserted behind each breast, increasing breast volume by one or more cup sizes. At our outpatient surgery center in Los Angeles, breast augmentation is performed to achieve a variety of goals:

  • Improve overall body contour and enhance the figure in women whose breasts are proportionately too small.
  • Create symmetry when breasts are two different sizes.
  • Restore breasts which have lost volume and/or tone due to pregnancy.
  • Reconstruct breasts after breast cancer surgery.

If you’re considering breast augmentation in Los Angeles, be sure to read What to Expect from Breast Augmentation Surgery. This overview will give you a basic understanding of the procedure, how it’s performed, and the results that you can expect.

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles
Breast Augmentation Results Los Angeles

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We have also compiled a general list of Commonly Asked Questions to provide you with more details. Please ask Dr. Hicks if you have more questions about the procedure.

Visit the Before and After Gallery to view actual examples of Los Angeles breast augmentation results.

Excellent service, friendly atmosphere, office staff and doctor made me feel very comfortable and at ease. All my concerns and questions were answered and procedure availability was perfect. Post op has been great. Doctor was available after hours via telephone and genuinely concerned with my recovery.

Good candidates

Like any surgery, breast augmentation carries some risks. The ideal candidate for breast augmentation in Los Angeles is in good overall health and has realistic expectations. During this time, you will also be asked about your medical history to ascertain the current status of your health.

Things to decide

When planning breast augmentation surgery you will have several things to decide upon:

  • The size and shape of your implants
  • Whether the implants should be placed in front of or behind the muscle
  • Where your incisions should be located
  • Whether silicone or saline implants are appropriate for your situation

After carefully evaluating your body type and shape, your natural breasts, your lifestyle, and your desired end results, Dr. Hicks will explain your options and the results that you can expect, answer any questions that you may have, and support you in making your decisions.

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The best part was the fitting. I was able to see what would be possible and the difference in sizes. Too large was a major concern for me and being able to see what the results would look like helped in making my decision. *

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Breast Augmentation Cost

Dr. Hicks will customize the breast augmentation in Long Beach surgery according to the individual needs of each patient. He will review your expectations and design a custom surgical plan that’s tailored to you. Once he has decided on a plan, he will also provide you with the cost for your breast augmentation procedure. Factors that contribute to the price include the type of implant, incision type, and the amount of work required to achieve the desired look.

For patients interested in receiving payment assistance, we also provide a variety of financing options through Prosper Healthcare Lending, CareCredit, and United Medical Credit.

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Dr. Pearlman Hicks is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to providing patients in Los Angeles and the surrounding area with cosmetic services they can trust. Find out more about breast augmentation in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or Beverly Hills, California, by viewing our Before and After Gallery. We also encourage you to contact us today for your initial consultation.

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