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Long Beach Liposuction Risks

Southern California Plastic Surgery Group

Complications from liposuction are rare, but all surgery carries some risks. When multiple or very extensive areas are suctioned in one procedure, the risk of severe trauma is higher.

* Fluid accumulation may occur which will need to be drained.
* As with all surgery there is some risk of infection. Dr. Hicks
   will prescribe antibiotics and give you detailed instruction on
   how to care for your incisions to minimize the risk of infection.
* Some people experience rippling, bagginess or discoloration
   of the skin.
* Asymmetrical results can be corrected by a second procedure.
* Blood clots are a known risk of liposuction. You can help to
   prevent their formation by getting up and moving around as
   soon as possible and regularly during recovery.
* Embolism is also a known risk of liposuction. This occurs
   when dislodged fat enters the bloodstream and travels to the
   lungs or brain. Since Vaser emulsifies the fat before it is
   removed, the risk of embolism is very low.
* Fluid imbalance can cause a patient to go into shock. A large
   amount of fluid is removed during liposuction, but it’s also replaced. Dr. Hicks
   and his staff will monitor you closely for any signs of fluid imbalance.
* When having multiple or large areas suctioned there is some risk of
   anesthesia overdose. This normally causes lightheadedness, drowsiness,
   and slurred speech, but in a few rare cases can cause death. Dr. Hicks
   ensures close anesthesia monitoring during his liposuction procedures.

Most liposuction patients do not experience complications. Dr. Hicks will explain all these risks to you in detail and will explain the steps you can take to minimize them.

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