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Most people are very pleased with the results of liposuction when they know what to expect from the procedure.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Hicks will evaluate your overall health and the areas you wish to improve. He’ll consider many factors:

  • Your skin type
  • Location of fat deposits
  • Skin elasticity
  • Your desired results

and will explain your best options, answering any questions you may have. Be sure to discuss your expectations openly and honestly with Dr. Hicks.

Preparing for liposuction

Well in advance of the surgery, you will be provided with specific instructions on how to prepare for the procedure including guidelines on eating, drinking, smoking, and taking medications and supplements, during the weeks, days, and hours prior to surgery.

Liposuction includes replacing the fluids that you lose during the procedure. If you want to use your own blood for this replacement you will need to have the blood drawn prior to the day of surgery.

You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home after your procedure and should have someone available to stay with you for the first few days of recovery, or you may choose to spend a few days in a luxury recovery facility.

The procedure

Most liposuction procedures are performed under local anesthesia and a sedative. More extensive procedures will require general anesthesia.

  • A very small incision is made in the area where fat is to be removed.
  • A solution is infused through the incision, which helps to numb the area and enhance emulsification of fat.
  • Sound waves are used to emulsify the fat while leaving the surrounding tissue intact.

A hollow tube called a cannula is inserted through the incision. The cannula is attached to a vacuum machine which uses suction to remove the emulsified fat.

You will be given fluids, and sometimes blood, intravenously to replace the fluids lost during the procedure.

Liposuction can take anywhere from half an hour to several hours, depending on the amount of fat removed. In most cases it lasts about one to two hours.


Immediately after surgery you will be stiff and sore and you may feel heavy from the fluids you were given. The areas that were treated will be bruised and swollen. You may feel a burning sensation in these areas or they may be temporarily numb.

  • You will wear a compression garment for two to three weeks to speed healing and help shrink the skin.
  • You should get up and walk around as soon as possible to prevent blood clots.
  • You will be able to resume light activity in two days to two weeks depending on the extent of the procedure, and should avoid strenuous activity for two weeks to a month.
  • Any stitches will be removed in five to ten days.
  • Most of the bruising and swelling will subside in a month or two. It may take six months for all of the swelling to resolve and to see full results.

Learn more about liposuction in Beverly Hills, Long Beach, or Los Angeles, California, by viewing our Before and After Gallery, or contact us today for your initial consultation.

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