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What You Need to Know

If your most conscientious efforts to “trim the fat” have only resulted in frustration, you may have wondered if liposuction in Long Beach is an option.

Liposuction removes stubborn deposits of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It’s not intended to be a replacement for weight loss. In addition, like any surgery, lipo carries some risks. The ideal candidate for liposuction in our Long Beach surgery is in good overall health, has already lost most of their excess weight, and has realistic expectations.

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Liposuction at Long Beach OutPatient Surgery Center can be used to enhance your look after weight loss, or in people who are not overweight, it can remove localized areas of fat which detract from their overall body contour.

Liposuction can be used on:

  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Above the breasts
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Cheeks

The procedure can also be used during other surgeries, including abdominoplasty and male breast reduction to resolve gynecomastia, or oversized male breasts.

Excellent service, friendly atmosphere, office staff and doctor made me feel very comfortable and at ease. All my concerns and questions were answered and procedure availability was perfect. Post op has been great. Doctor was available after hours via telephone and genuinely concerned with my recovery.

Vaser® Liposuction in Long Beach

In performing liposuction, Long Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Hicks uses the Vaser® technique for liposuction, which is safer and causes less discomfort than traditional liposuction techniques. Vaser® uses sound waves to emulsify, or break up, the fat before removing it, and this has a number of advantages:

  • It leaves the non-fat tissue unharmed (nerves, blood vessels, and so on.)
  • It allows for greater precision, and therefore Dr. Hicks can work well on small areas such as the chin and the neck
  • It causes less pain
  • There’s less likelihood of undue bleeding

If you’re considering liposuction in Long Beach, please read What to Expect from Liposuction. This will give you a basic understanding of the procedure, how it’s performed, and the results that you can expect.

One of the best ways to learn more is by looking over this general list of Frequently Asked Questions we have compiled to help you get started. Please ask Dr. Hicks if you have more questions about the details of the procedure, including price and anesthesia options.

Our Before and After Gallery presents actual examples of liposuction results.

After carefully evaluating your overall health, the location of fat deposits, your skin tone, and your desired end results, Dr. Hicks will explain your fat removal options, including any alternative procedures that may be more appropriate for your unique situation. He will explain in detail the results you can expect and answer any questions you may have, including questions about cost, preparation, and recovery.

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Learn more about liposuction in Beverly Hills, Long Beach, or Los Angeles, California, by viewing our Before and After Gallery, or contact us today for your initial consultation.

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