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attractive beautiful gorgeous gentle brunetAbdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, is a major surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the muscles of the abdomen wall. A tummy tuck in our Long Beach surgery is not intended as an alternative to diet and exercise. But it can flatten a protruding abdomen when the abdominal muscles have been so stretched that they cannot return to normal, usually due to pregnancy or obesity.

Many of the women who come to us for a tummy tuck in Long Beach are moms. Pregnancy can stretch the abdominal muscles so far that no matter how much a woman exercises, the muscles will never be as tight as they originally had been. The more children a woman has, the more these muscles are stretched. Abdominoplasty can bring your stomach back to its original form.

A mini-tuck

Abdominoplasty can be combined with liposuction. If your fat deposits are below the navel only and not above it, you could benefit from a partial abdominoplasty, also known as a mini tuck. We receive many inquiries about the possibility of opting for a mini tummy tuck in Long Beach, and we welcome your questions as well.

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Excellent service, friendly atmosphere, office staff and doctor made me feel very comfortable and at ease. All my concerns and questions were answered and procedure availability was perfect. Post op has been great. Doctor was available after hours via telephone and genuinely concerned with my recovery.

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Before You Schedule a Tummy Tuck in Long Beach—Your Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Hicks will evaluate your overall health, the condition of your abdomen, and the cause of your protruding abdomen. He will explain your options, answer any questions you may have, and recommend the procedure or combination of procedures that will help you achieve your desired results. If abdominoplasty is not the best procedure for your unique situation, he will explain why and recommend alternatives.

If you’re considering abdominoplasty, please read What to Expect from Abdominoplasty, which will give you a basic understanding of the procedure, how it’s performed, and the results that you can expect.

We have also compiled a general list of Commonly Asked Questions to help get you started. Please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Hicks if you have more questions about the procedure.

Like any procedure, abdominoplasty carries some risks. The ideal candidate for the procedure is in good overall health and has realistic expectations.

Please visit our Before and After Gallery to view actual examples of abdominoplasty results.

Abdominoplasty Result Long Beach


Abdominoplasty Result Long Beach


* Individual results may vary.

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How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

The price of abdominoplasty surgery varies from patient to patient depending on the specifics of their case. Tummy tuck cost is based on factors like the exact techniques employed, anesthesia fees, and total time needed to perform the procedure.

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If you have been considering a tummy tuck, our Long Beach practice encourages you to please contact us. As your board-certified Southern California Plastic Surgery Group, we would be happy to schedule an initial consultation for you with Dr. Hicks. During your consultation, Dr. Hicks will evaluate your unique body type and desired results and will determine whether you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck at Long Beach Outpatient Surgery Center.


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