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While they are not a weight loss tool, liposuction procedures can remove stubborn areas of fat, and are often used as a finishing touch after weight loss is achieved.

Some pockets of fat do not respond to diet and exercise and can detract from your figure and overall look. Liposuction can remove them, creating more pleasing body contour.

LipoSelection is a very precise method of removing smaller areas of unwanted fat from specific places such as the ankles, behind the knees and under the chin.

Tumescent liposuction can remove small specific pockets of fat or fat from larger areas. Fluid is injected to make the fat swollen and firm for the procedure.

Get more familiar with by liposuction by viewing our Before and After Gallery.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Hicks in Beverly Hills, Long Beach, or Los Angeles, California, to determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction. During your consultation Dr. Hicks will evaluate your unique body type and desired results, explain all your treatment options, discuss the outcome you can realistically expect, and answer any questions you may have.

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